Monday, October 21, 2013

Mc Calls 5975 Class Reunion Dress

This was taken with a flash and accurately depicts the color of the dress. It was very easy to make and fun to alter once it was finished. I was also able to put it on over my head easily with no zipper. The belt pulls it in nicely, otherwise it hangs a bit large without it.

I bought this fabric at the Pattern Review trip we took to NYC. One of the smallest shops where the owner talked me into this beautiful knit crepe. Very cozy for the winter and has a very nice stretch. I wish I could remember the name of the place.

 A close up of the front shows how I pinched in the drape on either side just by wrapping thread around neatly to  hold it in place. This is actually a much more flattering neckline for me. I hope to get a picture up of me wearing it.
This is a close up of the back. I didn't like the way it draped in the back when I had it on. It wasn't too low so it could be worn that way but I thought it would look better closer in on the back. I manipulated it this way and that and then thought it would be fun to put my Marcasite lizard crawling up my back.

This is the dress from the back. I'm pleased with the placement of the design. I considered it and it worked the way I liked. Not drawing any attention to any particular spot.
And now about the Robbinsdale All Class Reunion...Going to a very big class has it's drawbacks ...OK I started with a negative...But when you don't see a single soul you hung out with at school, in the band, art classes or home ec you know many people didn't even come!!! My brother knew lots of people but I think it helped that he never moved from the area and still kept in touch with people. Made me rethink a bit about my life and how I have let myself get out of touch with my past. I am like a rolling stone I I have gone thorough life I have met and made friends with many people but they have passed through my life   rather than taken root in my life. I wonder which is better? I guess if you tend to be more of a loaner this is OK? I am richer though from all the variety of my different life friendships  but still I felt a bit disappointed that I didn't make more connections there. It was fun to see Dave Rodine...who sat behind me all through HS, Pam Hennesy and Marcy Neznick.  Not bad, 3 people out of over 2000 that was there.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9-11 Who could forget...

Do you know where you were when the so many lives were changed forever?

 I was running late for work as usual and had the Today show on and Katy and Matt showed the live footage of the buliding with the hole in it and smoke pouring out. We All thought it must have been a small plane out of control...then they got word of what it was and they were showing the live footage of the second jet liner going into the building and taht  was the millisecond in time we knew it couldn't be an accident.

Such an utter feeling of disbelief and helplessness. I think all of us here made a phone call to see if our close of kin knew about this!After...I could not just stay at home alone. I thought it best to go into work. The drive in was surreal and I imagine everyone on the road wondered if the fellow drivers were aware of this horrific disaster.

What struck me was when I got into work it was as if nothing had happened. Everone was working away...No radios on in the front office. I thought I had to break the news, but they knew and I could not believe people were not running around in disbelief as I was! This was my first reality check that life goes on... Life continues to roll on along with time but we need to stop amd remember this date and the magnitude of the event. In my lifetime I'll never forget and I pray that nothing worse ever happens here on our soil to top it. It is sad that this does happen in many other parts of the world and I am damn lucky to live in the USA despite this event.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Very first post at 1:11pm Friday August 24th

If I were at home I would be cleaning up my sewingroom for the next project which I will post when I get home. Last night I patched...yes you heard it right...we still patch working guy pants in 2012. When they are a favorite you do what you can do to save until the season is over and he has to start wearing his big boy pants. Oh dear...if he read this he would shoot me. That is long leg pants.